10 Thai TV3 Actors With Their Hobbies

1. Mario Maurer

Picture: IG@mario_mm38

He likes dancing Hip-Hop.

2. Nadech Kugimiya

Picture: IG@keaw_jung

He likes playing games and doing an exercise.

3. Mark Prin

Picture: IG@mark_prin

He likes doing an exercise and taking pictures.

4. James Jirayu

Picture: IG@jirayu_jj

He likes reading books.

5. James Ma

Picture: IG@veeree_flower

He likes playing games.

6. Nine Naphat

Picture: IG@minenameisbond_oyayobond

The actor likes playing golf, guitar and singing.

7. Great Warintorn

Picture: IG@great_rider10

He likes reading books, playing games and watching movies.

8. Boy Pakorn

Picture: IG@boy_pakorn

He likes selling things to earn money.

9. Ken Phupoom

Picture: IG@ken_phupoom

He likes playing football, guitar, and sitting at the grass field.

10. Alek Teeradetch

Picture: IG@lekteeradetch

He likes taking pictures while he has a free time.

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