Weir Sukollawat and Stephany Euernig To Play Couples In A New TV Drama

According to Mod Pantip Instagram account, Weir Sukollawat to play couples with Stephany Euernig in a new TV drama Pu Bao Indy. This one is a comedy drama about people living in E-San of Thailand. This is the first time for both actor and actress to play couples. It hasn’t confirmed 100%, so please waiting for the […]

Ded Pbeek Nang Fah To Air Soon

According to Ch3 Drama Instagram Account, TV drama Ded Pbeek Nang Fah starring Son Yuke and Patricia Good, to air soon on 10 March 2018 after TV drama Chua Mong Tong Mon finishes airing. This is the third times for both actor and actress to play couples after working together in Kaen Sanaeha and Malee Rerng Rabum. This new TV drama […]

Louis Hesse d’Alzon To Play Couples With Stephany Auernig

According to Daradaily, Louis Hesse d’Alzon to play couples with Stephany Auernig in a new TV drama Nai Keun Nao….Saeng Dao Yung Aun produced by Por-Dee-Gum Production and directed by Noi Siam.  Many fans are so excited for this pairing because this is the second times for both of them to play couples. This drama will be filming in Chiang Khan District, northeastern […]

10 Thai TV3 Actors With Their Hobbies

1. Mario Maurer He likes dancing Hip-Hop. 2. Nadech Kugimiya He likes playing games and doing an exercise. 3. Mark Prin He likes doing an exercise and taking pictures. 4. James Jirayu He likes reading books. 5. James Ma He likes playing games. 6. Nine Naphat The actor likes playing golf, guitar and singing. 7. […]

Mai Davika Graduated Bachelor Degree

Even Mai Davika is so busy working in Thailand and abroad, she has never given up her study. Yesterday, the actress posted her picture wearing graduation outfit with a pretty smile. She has completed her bachelor degree from Rangsit University, Faculty of Communication Arts. Even she graduated late, she has done it well. Congratuations! Source: Daradaily

5 Thai Celebrities Who Fainted During Working

1. Bella Ranee She fainted at the filming place of TV drama Buppae Sunniwas because of food poisoning in July 2017. 2. Mike D. Angelo He fainted after giving an interview with reporters about his son in September 2015. 3. Min Pechaya Min Pechaya fainted while filming TV drama Baan Sai Tong in March 2015 because of overwork. 4. […]

Thai Channel 7 TV Dramas Next Program

1. Sanaeha Maya This drama will be aired on 13 March 2018 every Monday and Tuesday after Mae Eye Sa Earn finishes airing. The drama starred Kelly Thanapat, Sammy Cowell, and Ann Siriam. 2. Chat Lamchi This action drama will be aired on 14 March 2018 every Wednesday and Thursday after Mue Prab Yiao Dum finishes airing. The drama […]