Top 10 Thai Celebrity Photos With Most Likes On Instagram

10. Weir Sukollawat His photo with Bella Ranee got 411, 424 likes. 9. Kimmy Kimberley Her photo wearing traditional clothes taken with Yaya Urassaya got 442,905 likes. 8. Margie Rasri This photo of her got 459,772 likes. 7. Boy Pakorn His photo taken with a beautiful bride Margie Rasri and handsome groom Pok Passakorn got 488, 891 likes. 6. Nong Pao Pao This […]

5 Top Thai Celebrities Spotted By Fans On The Public Transportation

1. Yaya Urassaya She spotted on the public transportation. Many fans captured her pictures with a smile. 2. Nadech Kugimiya He also spotted at the BTS station because the traffic in Bangkok city is very busy. 3. Pancake Khemanit Pancake spotted on the public transportation because she rushed into the work place. 4. Min Pechaya […]

Where To Meet Thai Celebrities?

1. Airport Thai celebrities have traveled a lots, that’s why you can meet them easily at the airport. 2. Shopping Mall The events always conduct at the big shopping malls. Most of celebrities also like shopping, eating, and relaxing at this places. 3. Towers of their Labels If you want to see Thai TV3 or […]

Pope Thanawat Gets This High Paid For Advertisements

For the last episode, Buppae Sunniwas got a higher rating than a big hit TV drama Nakee aired in late 2016. All casts of this drama get attention and many works have contacted them. Pope Thanawat reportedly gets paid for 10,000,000 millions Baht per advertisement because of his high popularity recently. The actor denies talking about his fee but he […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Get Most Followers For March 2018

10. Nine Naphat He gets +216,017 followers for this month. 9. Bambam GOT 7 He gets +230,388 followers. 8. Noon Ramida She gets +240,321 followers for this month. 7. Earth Wisawawit He gets +242,097 followers. 6. God Jirayu He gets +339,498 followers. 5. Prang Kannarun She gets +453,347 followers for this month. 4. Most Witsarut He gets +566,604 followers. 3. Bella Ranee […]

Mint Chalida Talks About Yaya Urassaya

It has reported that the friendship between Yaya Urassaya and Mint Chalida isn’t good even Gang Lom is back to be together. “I have never had a problem with Yaya,” Mint says. “No one talk about having an interview with Yaya at the fashion show,” “She doesn’t come to see the fashion show,” “I go there with Margie Rasri,” […]