30+ Years Old Actors Who Are Currently So Hot

1. Weir Sukollawat (32 Years Old)

Picture: IG@phatchar_swc

He currently doesn’t have a new TV drama aired on Thai channel 7 but Weir has a TV show Super Weir. 

2. Ter Chantavit (34 Years Old)

He isn’t only a talented actor but Ter also a hot script writer for his label GDH 559.

3. Pope Thanawat (35 Years Old)

Picture: IG@neung_sirin

He is the hottest Thai actor now. Many girls are falling in love for him and call him ‘Husband’.

4. Sunny Suwanmethanon (36 Years Old)

Sunny is Singaporean-Thai-French and looks so hot even he is 36 years old.

5. Punjan Prama (31 Years Old)

Picture: IG@punjanprama

He is currently so hot playing as Meun Reung in TV drama Buppae Sunniwas.

Source: Campus Star

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