4 Thai Actresses Who Meet This Problem In Their Couples Lives

1. Tanya Tanyares

Picture: IG@tanya_liyah

Her husband had another girl and they were apart for a while. Now they’re back to be together.

2. Nat Myria

Picture: IG@myriabenedetti

She talks in TV talk show Kui Zapp Show that Aum Atichart has another girl in the past. She tells herself that if he had another girl for the second times, she would breakup with him for sure.

3. Kratae Supaksorn

Picture: IG@iamkratae

Before getting married for only 2-3 days, her husband had another girl at the night club. But they’re still together now.

4. May Fuangarom

Picture: IG@mayfuang

Her husband Noom Kanchai had another girls before they got married.


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