Top 6 Favorite Actors And Actresses of Thai Channel 7

Thai channel 7 has several talented actors and actress. Below are 6 favorite stars of the channel.

6. Mik Thongraya

Picture: IG@mik_thongraya

The channel always gives him an opportunity to play a good role. He is well-known after playing TV drama Mussaya.

5. Om Akapan

Picture: IG@omakapan

The channel gives him many TV dramas to play per year.

4. Porshe Saran

Picture: IG@porshe_saran

The channel gives him several TV drama to play recently.

3. Yui Chiranan

Picture: IG@yui_chiranan

She is a talented actress of Thai channel 7.

2. Weir Sukollawat

Picture: IG@weir19

He is a top actor of Thai channel 7.

1. Aum Patchrapa

Picture: IG@aum_patchrapa

She is a top actress of Thai channel 7.

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