Bella Ranee Posted About Her Father

On the day that TV drama Buppae Sunniwas aired its finale episode, a female lead Bella Ranee posted that, “Our Buppae Sunniwas comes to the end, I feel lucky and unbelievable,”

“I don’t know how to describe in words,”

“thanks for our TV drama,”

“Since I started working as an actress, I really love this career,”

“I feel so good when receiving good feedbacks,”

“This time, I feel so good in my heart,”

Picture: IG@bellacampen

“I believe that everyone know about my feeling,”

“I want to say thanks to everyone,”

“I want to say thanks to all staffs of the production,”

“Thanks to fans, Bella’s fans, and Thai TV3,”

“Thanks to Hubsub family, my family, and everyone, whom are with me every time.”

She also says thanks to her father that, “to the man who I saw when I look at the moon…I know you are looking down on me with a great big smile. I love you, Daddy!”


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