Bella Ranee Talks About Weir Sukollawat

Weir Sukollawat posted a photo of him in Macao taking with a logo Bella Taipa including a sweet caption, “Lol…….I always meet you everywhere in Macau.”

Picture: IG@tungpui69

“(Laugh) I’m not sure, he is probably boring of my face,” Bella Ranee says.

“He doesn’t show off his girlfriend, but photos,”

“I have never captured the photos for him,”

“That’s why I have never showed him on my Instagram,”

“I used to post promoting his movie, I admire him,”

“I have never met him yet because I’m so busy these days,”

“I have no time for sleeping because filming 2 TV dramas,”

“But it’s ok,”

“I have to work first,”

“He worries about my health,”

“He sends a message to support me.”

Picture: IG@tungpui69
Picture: IG@weir19

Source: Teenee

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