Mik Thongraya Applies As An Air Force

This year, Mik Thongraya is 25 years old and completed study of Journalism from Ramkhamhaeng University. On 02 April 2018, he went to Sao Hai District, Saraburi Province and applied as an air force. He posted several photos of him on his Instagram account with a caption, “I’m ready, once in my life, I’ll do my best, air […]

Bella Ranee Talks About Her Photos Deleting From Weir Sukollawat’s Instagram

Recently, Bella Ranee‘s photos are all disappeared from Weir Sukollawat‘s Instagram account. For the actor, he says that he doesn’t know why the photos haven’t seen on his IG anymore. The actress says that her boyfriend tells her about the photos disappearing from Instagram, too. She isn’t serious about it because they can take new photos and post it […]

James Ma Postpones The Military Service For The 4th Times

On 01 April 2018, James Ma attends the conscription for military service at Watthana District, Bangkok City. The actor (24 years old) postpones the military service for the 4th times because he is busy studying his Master degree. This is the last time for him to postpone the military service. Next time, he has to choose 2 drafts. […]

Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya Reveal Their Plans For Songkran Festival

After opening their relationship to the public at the event, many fans of NY are so happy seeing them together. On Songkran Festival, Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya doesn’t have an exact plan for traveling because they’re so busy. For the actor, he is probably at home with his father. For the actress, she is waiting for her […]

Yaya Urassaya Is Happy Because The Popularity of NY Is Back

Many fans of NY are so happy after Nadech Kugimiya says that he loves Yaya Urassaya in front of several reporters at the event. The popularity of NY comebacks after giving an interview. “It’s so cute, I’m happy making people have a smile,” Yaya says. “As P’ Nadech and I said on that day,” “We have passed difficult things […]

Pope Thanawat Talks About His New Dramas

After getting famous playing as Meun Sontorn Tewa in Buppae Sunniwas, Pope Thanawat has been contacted to play 2 new TV drama. The first one is a big project and it’s being discussed when this drama should be revealed to the public. For other drama, he isn’t sure yet whether he will be chosen to play or not. He can’t […]

Taew Natapohn Isn’t Serious Even Buppae Sunniwas Rating Is Higher Than Nakee

The last episode of Buppae Sunniwas got a higher rating than Nakee. Taew Natapohn says that she congratulates for this drama getting a high rating. She isn’t serious about it because there is always a competition between TV dramas airing on the same channel. Recently, Kao Supassara leaves a comment supporting Ton Arch to get married to her soon. He also says […]