Mark Prin Denies This News

It has reported that Mark Prin goes shopping with Sky Maria (Sky The Face) only 2 at the shopping mall. At OVS event, the actor gives an interview with reporters about this news.

Picture: IG@bo_bobie

Reporters: You go shopping with Sky The Face?

Mark: I’m so curious about it. Actually, we used to work together. After that, there is nothing.

Reporters: Haven’t continued the relationship?

Mark: No,

Reporters: You have talked to her?

Mark: No,

Reporters: How long have you seen the news?

Mark: I just see it. On social media, everyone can write what they want even it’s true or not.

Reporters: Are you serious about the news?

Mark: I’m try not to be serious but I’m still serious because it affects her work (Sky The Face).

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Reporters: You get angry when people connect you to this kind of news?

Mark: Should I get angry (Smile). I don’t know how to do. Let it go.

Reporters: You talk to Kimmy Kimberley?

Mark: No, it’s nonsense.

Reporters: Are you boring for this kind of news?

Mark: Yes

Reporters: Will you do something to a person, whom spreading the news?

Mark: No,

Reporters: Let it go?

Mark: I don’t want to let it go. I want to know what he/she wants. That person can meet me at the events (Smile).

Picture: IG@bo_bobie

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1 thought on “Mark Prin Denies This News


    (March 31, 2018 - 1:42 am)

    Reporters shouldn’t make this issue bigger then what it is.This “fake news” will affect both of them so I feel like you should leave it alone.

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