4 Thai Star Couples Fall In Love After Playing MV Together

1. Noom Sornram and Nicole Theriault

Picture: IG@sornram_theappitak

They have known each other for 20 years but they fall in love after playing MV together.

2. Pup Potato and Baitoey Zuvapit

Picture: IG@pup_potato

The actress played MV for his band and they finally fall in love.

3. Bie Teerapong and Honey Passorn

Picture: Newsth

They played MV together in the song that Honey sang. They got married and have a son, whom is an actor Indy Intad.

4. Aob Nithi and Maprang Alissa

Picture: IG@oabnithi

They fall in love after playing MV together.


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