4 Thai Celebrities Don’t Get Angry With Their Negative News

4. Pope Thanawat Since started working in Thai entertainment industry, he has met several negative news about having close relationship with many girls. However, he doesn’t get angry anyway. 3. Woonsen Virithipa She often meets negative news but Woonsen doesn’t get angry having this kind of news. She accepted it if she really did it. […]

Top 8 Thai Actresses of Period TV Dramas

8. Now Tisanart She has played 5 period Thai dramas. 7. Pooklook Fonthip She has played 5 period TV dramas for Thai channel 7. 6. Mew Nittha She has played 6 TV dramas that the storyline happened in the past. 5. Taew Natapohn She has played 7 period dramas because her character fits with this […]

Aff Taksaorn To Comeback Playing TV Drama

Getting married to Songkran Techanarong, a beautiful actress Aff Taksaorn has said goodbye to Thai drama for 6 years. The most recent, she says that the producers sends her TV drama scripts but she hasn’t chosen it yet. She has talked to the producers and she will be back playing TV drama in Q3 or Q4 of […]

4 Thai Celebrities Confirm That They Won’t Be Back To Their Ex-Lovers

1. Hunz The Star He confirms that he won’t return to Ice Preechaya. They sometimes discuss each other about works only. 2. Tangmo Nida She has broken up with her ex-boyfriend Tang Phongsakorn for a long time. Lately, many people are curious whether they’re back to be together or not because they’re closed. The actress confirms […]

10 Thai Celebrities Without Bad News

1. Cherry Khemupsorn She stopped working in Thai entertainment industry for a while. Now she is working to help social and environment. 2. Aff Taksaorn She always has a good news, except the news of getting divorced from her husband. 3. Anne Thongprasom She is a princess of Thai entertainment industry without negative news. 4. […]