Top 6 Favorite Actors And Actresses of Thai Channel 7

Thai channel 7 has several talented actors and actress. Below are 6 favorite stars of the channel. 6. Mik Thongraya The channel always gives him an opportunity to play a good role. He is well-known after playing TV drama Mussaya. 5. Om Akapan The channel gives him many TV dramas to play per year. 4. Porshe […]

Crowded People At The Events If These 5 Thai Celebrities Joined

1. Pope Thanawat Because of Buppae Sunniwas, many people want to meet him at the event. 2. Aum Patchrapa Aum is still hot and many people join the event if she attends. 3. James Jirayu His fans follow him everywhere he goes, specially, the event. 4. Peck Palitchok He has many fans supporting his singing. 5. Nadech […]

4 Period TV Drama That Make People Interested In Thai History

1. Buppae Sunniwas This one is a big hit TV drama of 2018. It makes people interested in history and visit the filming places at Ayutthaya province. 2. Kha Padin This drama starring James Ma and Matt Peeranee and was aired 2015. It received a good feedback from viewers. 3. Fah Mai This drama was popular in 2004 […]

10 Queens of Advertisements

10. Bella Ranee She has 15 advertisements from the past up to now. 9. Toey Jarinpohn She earns a lot of money from her 31 advertisements. 8. Taew Natapohn She has 43 advertisements. 7. Min Pechaya She is a hot actress of Thai channel 7 with 52 ads. 6. Kimmy Kimberley She has 66 ads. […]

8 Hottest Thai Actresses 2018

1. Aum Patchrapa She is the hottest actress of all time. Her popularity is still high even she is 40 years old this year. 2. Yaya Urassaya She is not popular only in Thailand but also well-known in America after working with international brands. 3. Bella Ranee She is so hot now after playing as Karaked in […]

These 5 TV Dramas To Be Remade Soon

1. Song Naree The last version starring Anne Thongprasom and Ton Jakkrit aired in 1997 on Thai TV3. It will be remade soon by Por-Dee-Gum of Thai channel 7. 2. Kom Payabaht The last version was aired on Thai channel 7 in 2014 starring Mike Pattaradet, Now Tisanart, and Preaw Tussaneeya. This year, Thai TV3 plans to remake it again. 3. Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai […]

3 Thai Celebrities Who Always Protect Their Best Friends

1. Aum Patchrapa She always protects May Feungarom when her best friend has a negative news. 2. Chompoo Araya She always protects Aimee Morakot when the bad news of her best friend spreading around. Chompoo denies the news instead of her friend. 3. Nana Rybena She always protects Janie Thienphosuwan from several negative news.  

Top 10 Thai Celebrity Photos With Most Likes On Instagram

10. Weir Sukollawat His photo with Bella Ranee got 411, 424 likes. 9. Kimmy Kimberley Her photo wearing traditional clothes taken with Yaya Urassaya got 442,905 likes. 8. Margie Rasri This photo of her got 459,772 likes. 7. Boy Pakorn His photo taken with a beautiful bride Margie Rasri and handsome groom Pok Passakorn got 488, 891 likes. 6. Nong Pao Pao This […]

Mark Prin, Aum Patchrapa, and Many Others Get Awards From Mthai Top Talk About 2018

1. Top Talk About Actress 3 hot Thai actresses get these awards Aum Patchrapa (Plerng Phranang), Baifern Pimchanok (Lhong Fai), and Janie Thienphosuwan (Plerng Boon). 2. Mthai Top Talk About Actor 3 Thai actors get these awards including Mark Prin (Kleun Cheewit), Mike Pattaradet (Nai Hoi Tamin), Tor Thanapob (Project S The Series – Side by Side). 3. Top Talk About […]