4 Upcoming ONE 31 Dramas

1. Prom Mai Dai Likit This is the second time for Bie Sukrit and Esther Supreeleela to play couples in TV drama. 2. Sai Rak Sai Sawad This drama will be aired on 24 April 2018 starring Amy Klinpratoom, Tangmo Nida, and many others. 3. Wimarn Duang Dao This one is a drama remakes starring Jes Jespipat and Pleng Kwan (The Face […]

10 Male Singers Turn To Be Popular Actors

1. Dan Worrawech He is not only a good singer, but also a talented actor and director. 2. Kong Sarahat Most of his dramas or movies received good feedbacks. 3. Punjan Prama He is being hot playing as Meun Reung in TV drama Buppae Sunniwas. He was a former member of boy group Nice 2 Meet U. 4. Oil Thana […]

Bie Sukrit and Esther Supreeleela Attend The Opening Ceremony of New TV Drama

This morning, ONE 31 channel held the opening ceremony of a new TV drama Prom Mai Dai Likit starring Bie Sukrit, Esther Supreeleela, Ak Akarat, Tao Sarocha, and many others. This is the second times for Bie to play couples with Esther after they received the best feedback from fans while playing TV drama Tur Keu Prom Likit together.

6 Big Project Thai Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

1. Dauy Rang Atitharn Dauy Rang Atitharn is a drama remakes produced by a female producer Dao Narongdej starring Tik Jesdapohn and Mew Nittha. 2. Pee Kaew Nang Hong This drama remakes is about the previous and current life of a male lead starring Great Warintorn and Bella Ranee. 3. Prom Mai Dai Likit For […]