Thai Celebrities Travel Abroad On Songkran Festival

1. Toey Pongsakorn He and his family have traveled to Hong Kong. 2. Boy Pakorn He and his family have traveled to Japan. 3. Namfon Patcharin She have traveled to Japan with her boyfriend. 4. Nune Woranuch She has traveled to Switzerland with her husband. 5. Great Warintorn He has traveled to Switzerland with his […]

Favorite Actors And Actresses of Thai TV3

1. Yaya Urassaya The channel always gives her big project TV dramas to play. 2. Nadech Kugimiya He is a top actor of the channel, so that’s why Thai TV3 looks after him so well. 3. Taew Natapohn She is so talented in acting, so that’s why the channel gives her several TV dramas to […]

Top 7 Highest Paid Actors 2018

7. Weir Sukollawat He gets paid 150,000 – 200,000 Baht/event. 6. Pope Thanawat He gets paid 250,000 Baht/event. 5. Mario Maurer He gets paid 200,000 – 300,000 Baht/event. 4. Mark Prin He gets paid 250,00 – 300,000 Baht/event. 3. Boy Pakorn He gets paid 250,000 – 300,000 Baht/event. 2. James Jirayu He gets paid 300,000 […]

Top 10 Thai Celebrity Photos With Most Likes On Instagram

10. Weir Sukollawat His photo with Bella Ranee got 411, 424 likes. 9. Kimmy Kimberley Her photo wearing traditional clothes taken with Yaya Urassaya got 442,905 likes. 8. Margie Rasri This photo of her got 459,772 likes. 7. Boy Pakorn His photo taken with a beautiful bride Margie Rasri and handsome groom Pok Passakorn got 488, 891 likes. 6. Nong Pao Pao This […]

12 Thai TV3 Actor With Their Heights

1. Pope Thanawat Pope isn’t so tall as other actors but he is 175 cm. 2. Punjan Prama He is handsome with the height of 179 cm. 3. Nat Nattaraht He is so tall with the height of 188 cm. 4. First Ekkaphong He is also tall with the height of 189 cm. 5. Bom […]

9 Actors of Bella Ranee

1. Boy Pakorn Boy Pakorn is her first actor. They played as couples in TV drama Pohn Prom Onlaweng in 2013. 2. James Jirayu James is her second actor playing couples in TV drama Suparburoot Jutathep – Khun Chai Putipat in 2013. 3. Ken Phupoom She was paired with Ken Phupoom in TV drama Look Tard in 2014. 4. Aum Atichart She met Aum Atichart in TV drama Plerng […]

[Last Update] Top 6 Thai Actors With Most Paid For Events

1. Nadech Kugimiya He gets paid 300,000-350,000 per event. 2. James Jirayu As Nadech, he gets paid 300,000-350,000 per event. 3. Boy Pakorn His fee for event starts from 250,000 Baht per event. 4. Mark Prin He gets paid 250,000 Baht per event. 5. Weir Sukollawat He gets paid 150,000 – 200,000 Baht per event. 6. Pope […]