Thai Actresses 10 Years Ago Vs Now

1. Mai Davika Almost 10 years ago, she started working in Thai entertainment as an actress of Thai channel 7. Her first TV drama was Ngao Kammathep with Weir Sukollawat. At that time, she had a chubby face. 2. Chompoo Araya 10 years ago, she played TV drama Dao Peuan Din with Nune Woranuch and Vee Veeraparb. Her face hasn’t changed much compared to […]

6 Thai Actresses Work With International Brands Recently

1. Ploy Chermarn Recently, she attended the smartphone event launched in Paris, France. 2. Yaya Urassaya She works with several international brands, that’s why she is well-known in America now. 3. Chompoo Araya She is a brand ambassador for international brands. The actress often goes to France and other countries to join the events at […]

10 Queens of Advertisements

10. Bella Ranee She has 15 advertisements from the past up to now. 9. Toey Jarinpohn She earns a lot of money from her 31 advertisements. 8. Taew Natapohn She has 43 advertisements. 7. Min Pechaya She is a hot actress of Thai channel 7 with 52 ads. 6. Kimmy Kimberley She has 66 ads. […]

3 Thai Celebrities Who Always Protect Their Best Friends

1. Aum Patchrapa She always protects May Feungarom when her best friend has a negative news. 2. Chompoo Araya She always protects Aimee Morakot when the bad news of her best friend spreading around. Chompoo denies the news instead of her friend. 3. Nana Rybena She always protects Janie Thienphosuwan from several negative news.  

Top 10 Thai Celebrity Photos With Most Likes On Instagram

10. Weir Sukollawat His photo with Bella Ranee got 411, 424 likes. 9. Kimmy Kimberley Her photo wearing traditional clothes taken with Yaya Urassaya got 442,905 likes. 8. Margie Rasri This photo of her got 459,772 likes. 7. Boy Pakorn His photo taken with a beautiful bride Margie Rasri and handsome groom Pok Passakorn got 488, 891 likes. 6. Nong Pao Pao This […]

5 Thai Celebrities Who Are Cupids For Other Couples

1. Benz Pohnchita Boy Peachmaker admits that he is dating Jeab Pijitra because Benz helps him asking her for a phone number. 2. Tum Warawut Tum introduce Denkhun Ngamnet and Grand Kornpassorn to each other. Finally, they fall in love. 3. Hwan Jeab Hwan Jeab is a manager of Chompoo Araya and a person, who makes […]

Top 12 Thai Dramas From The Past Up To Now

1. Khu Kam (1990) This one is the highest rating drama of all time starring Bird Thongchai and Kwang Kamolchanok. 2. Dao Prasook (1994) This drama got a very good feedback from fans at that time starring Noom Sornram and Kob Suvanant. 3. Rang Ngao (2001) This version starring Ken Theeradeth and Anne Thongprasom and […]

5 Influencers of Thai Entertainment Industry

1. Aum Patchrapa She is the number one Thai actress of all time. 2. Anne Thongprasom She is a talented actress and producer. 3. Chompoo Araya She is a fashionista of Thai entertainment industry. 4. Pope Thanawat He becomes the hottest actor in Thailand now. 5. Bella Ranee She becomes the hottest and most charming […]