5 Thai Celebrities Who Have Their Family Members As Managers

1. Yaya Urassaya Her mother always goes everywhere with her. 2. Pancake Khemanit Her mother is a manager since she starts working in Thai entertainment industry. 3. Nine Naphat His mother is a manager of him. 4. Kimmy Kimberley Her older sister is a manager taking care of her. 5. Kao Jirayu His mother is […]

5 Thai Actors Who Are Single For A Long Time

1. Pope Thanawat He becomes a hot actor after playing in TV drama Buppae Sunniwas but he is still single. 2. Sunny Suwanmethanon He had a dating news with Aom Phiyada in the past. After that, he is forever single. 3. Great Warintorn He had a dating news with several actresses but Great always denies that news. 4. James […]