Top 10 Handsome Thai TV3 Actors

10. Toey Pongsakorn He is so handsome with Thai look. 9. Top Jaron This handsome actor is currently dating Baifern Pimchanok. 8. Nine Naphat Nine is so hot even he just starts working in Thai entertainment industry. 7. James Ma James Ma is so cute. 6. Ken Phupoom He has a cute smile and handsome look. 5. […]

12 Thai TV3 Actor With Their Heights

1. Pope Thanawat Pope isn’t so tall as other actors but he is 175 cm. 2. Punjan Prama He is handsome with the height of 179 cm. 3. Nat Nattaraht He is so tall with the height of 188 cm. 4. First Ekkaphong He is also tall with the height of 189 cm. 5. Bom […]

7 Thai Dramas Were Popular Oversea

1. Song Kram Nang Fah This drama was aired in 2008 starring Pong Nawat, Bee Namthip, Kong Saharat, Ice Apitsada, Pei Panward. This drama was so popular in China. 2. Suparburoot Jutathep This drama was aired in 2013 starring several popular actors and actress Great Warintorn, Preem Ranida, Pope Thanawat, Mew Nittha, James Jirayu, Bella Ranee, […]

6 Sweet Couples Who Work Under Different Labels

1. Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee They’re so sweet even Weir is an Thai channel 7 actor and Bella works under Thai TV3. 2. Pai Partith and Namtarn Pichukkana They have been in a relationship for almost 6 years. Pai often makes surprised things for her. 3. Mario Maurer and Junji Gai-A Mario is an […]

9 Actors of Bella Ranee

1. Boy Pakorn Boy Pakorn is her first actor. They played as couples in TV drama Pohn Prom Onlaweng in 2013. 2. James Jirayu James is her second actor playing couples in TV drama Suparburoot Jutathep – Khun Chai Putipat in 2013. 3. Ken Phupoom She was paired with Ken Phupoom in TV drama Look Tard in 2014. 4. Aum Atichart She met Aum Atichart in TV drama Plerng […]

Compared The Rating Between Nakee and Buppae Sunniwas

Buppae Sunniwas is really a big hit TV drama of 2018 starring Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee. It’s a number one hashtag on Twitter recently. The episode 5 of this drama got a higher rating than another hit TV drama Nakee aired in 2016 starring Ken Phupoom and Taew Natapohn.  Let’s check the rating of Nakee and Buppae Sunniwas below.

Bella Ranee Becomes A Queen of Period Dramas

1. Suparburoot Jutathep Series – Khun Chai Puttipat This TV series was aired in May 3, 2013. She is well-known after playing this drama with James Jirayu. 2. Look Tard This drama was aired in 2014. She played couples with Ken Phupoom. 3. Plerng Chimplee This drama was aired in 2014. It’s the first time for her playing couples […]

Ken Phupoom and Esther Supreeleela To Work Together In A New TV Series

A sweet couples Ken Phupoom and Esther Supreeleela recently attend the events together more often and they will have a new project together soon. “We have a business and also work together, it’s really good,” Ken says. “It’s easy to work together,” “We have never played TV drama together,” “I think she will be better than me if playing […]

7 Best Friends of Thai Celebrities

1. Weir Sukollawat and Ken Phupoom They’re closed because they have the same manager. They also likes doing exercise together and riding a big motorbike. 2. Toey Jarinpohn and Gypso Ramita They’re closed because of working and they also do a business together. 3. Bella Ranee and Mo Monchanok These actresses becomes closed friends because […]