5 Thai Celebrities Who Have Their Family Members As Managers

1. Yaya Urassaya Her mother always goes everywhere with her. 2. Pancake Khemanit Her mother is a manager since she starts working in Thai entertainment industry. 3. Nine Naphat His mother is a manager of him. 4. Kimmy Kimberley Her older sister is a manager taking care of her. 5. Kao Jirayu His mother is […]

Top 10 Handsome Thai TV3 Actors

10. Toey Pongsakorn He is so handsome with Thai look. 9. Top Jaron This handsome actor is currently dating Baifern Pimchanok. 8. Nine Naphat Nine is so hot even he just starts working in Thai entertainment industry. 7. James Ma James Ma is so cute. 6. Ken Phupoom He has a cute smile and handsome look. 5. […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Get Most Followers For March 2018

10. Nine Naphat He gets +216,017 followers for this month. 9. Bambam GOT 7 He gets +230,388 followers. 8. Noon Ramida She gets +240,321 followers for this month. 7. Earth Wisawawit He gets +242,097 followers. 6. God Jirayu He gets +339,498 followers. 5. Prang Kannarun She gets +453,347 followers for this month. 4. Most Witsarut He gets +566,604 followers. 3. Bella Ranee […]

[RESULT] Sanook Vote of The Year 2017

1. Best Drama TV drama Kluen Cheewit starring Mark Prin and Yaya Urassaya wins this voting. 2. Best Movie Bad Genius starring Non Chanon, Aokbab Chutimon, and James Theeradon wins this voting. 3. Dream Boy Nine Naphat wins this voting because many girls are falling in love for him. 4. Dream Girl Yaya Urassaya is so charming and many guys are falling in love for her. 5. […]

10 Thai TV3 Actors With Their Hobbies

1. Mario Maurer He likes dancing Hip-Hop. 2. Nadech Kugimiya He likes playing games and doing an exercise. 3. Mark Prin He likes doing an exercise and taking pictures. 4. James Jirayu He likes reading books. 5. James Ma He likes playing games. 6. Nine Naphat The actor likes playing golf, guitar and singing. 7. […]

Love Quotes From 4 Thai Celebrities

1. Yok Thaunyakun She says that, “A new love is always better than the old one”. 2. Nine Naphat He says that, “Love Is The Natural”. 3. Aum Patchrapa She says that, “Don’t want to be single but it can’t avoid”. 4. Cherbelle Lanlalin  She says that, “Love is like a business, it has to risk”. […]

Top 5 Handsome Celebrity Sons 2018

1. Nine Naphat He is a handsome rising actor of Thai TV3. Nine Napaht is a son of an actress Moo Pimpaka. 2. Punn Punnakanta He is so handsome. Punn is a son of actress Nusba Punnakanta. 3. Jao Naay Many fan girls are falling in love with Jao Naay because of his good looking. He […]