Top 6 Favorite Actors And Actresses of Thai Channel 7

Thai channel 7 has several talented actors and actress. Below are 6 favorite stars of the channel. 6. Mik Thongraya The channel always gives him an opportunity to play a good role. He is well-known after playing TV drama Mussaya. 5. Om Akapan The channel gives him many TV dramas to play per year. 4. Porshe […]

5 Thai Period Dramas That Remade Often And Always Receive Good Feedbacks

1. Sai Lohit This drama was remade for 3 times. The first version starring Noom Sornram and Kob Suvanant and aired in 1995. The last version is being filmed by Dara Video Production of Thai channel 7 starring Porshe Saran and Now Tisanart. 2. Khu Kam Khu Kam was produced as TV dramas for 7 times and movies for 4 times. 3. See Pan […]

4 Thai Dramas The Actresses Travel The Time To The Past

1. Buppae Sunniwas This drama starring Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee. It’s being aired on Thai TV3 every Wednesday and Thursday. After airing for only 2 episodes, it received several positive comments from fans. 2. Buang Bunjathorn A female lead travels the time to the past when she sleeps on the mysterious bed. 3. Soo Fun […]

Welcome Valentine’s Day – 5 Thai Celebrities Open Their Relationship

1. Knomjean Kunlamas Her boyfriend proposed her on 11 February 2018. 2. Son Yuke Son Yuke admits that he is currently dating an European girl. 3. Svastiwat Na Ayutthaya He admits that he is in a relationship with Nutnicha Luanganunkun. 4. Noona Nuengtida An actress-singer admits that she is dating Junior for 3 years. 5. Om […]

6 Big Project Thai Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

1. Dauy Rang Atitharn Dauy Rang Atitharn is a drama remakes produced by a female producer Dao Narongdej starring Tik Jesdapohn and Mew Nittha. 2. Pee Kaew Nang Hong This drama remakes is about the previous and current life of a male lead starring Great Warintorn and Bella Ranee. 3. Prom Mai Dai Likit For […]

Om Akkapan Is Reportedly Dating Maii Pair

According to Daradaily, Om Akkapan is dating to a new actress Maii Pair Pattranit after working together in TV drama. The actor doesn’t hide his relationship from the public because their couples photos have seen posted on Instagram. The actor admits that she is a girl he closes to and he talks to her only one. He […]