6 Thai Actresses Who Are Well-Known After Playing These Period TV Dramas

1. Kob Suvanant She started working in Thai entertainment industry by playing period TV drama Ma Lai Thong and Yor Pra Klin. 2. Pinky Savika When she was a child actress, she played a hot TV drama Pla Boo Tong.  3. Min Pechaya She was well-known after playing TV drama Bla Boo Tong in 2009. 4. Yam Matira She played TV […]

8 Thai Actresses Who Are So Pretty With Side View

8. Mew Nittha Seeing her from the side view, her nose is pretty and the face shape is perfect. 7. Pinky Savika Because her face shape is very pretty, Pinky Savika looks good both in profile and side view. 6. Poo Praiya From the side view, she looks more charming and attractive. 5. Vill Wannarot […]