Poo Praiya and Bella Ranee Transformed To Songkran Goddesses

A few day ago, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri and Taew Natapohn have transformed to Songkran goddesses. Both actress received good feedbacks from people. On 12 April 2018, another beautiful actress Poo Praiya has transformed to goddess of Songkran Festival. She looks so beautiful with this traditional costume. On 13 April 2018, a talented actress Bella Ranee has transformed to a gorgeous goddess of Songkran […]

4 Thai Actresses Who Have Foreigner Boyfriends

1. Poo Praiya She is in a relationship with a millionaire guy Matthew. 2. Ae Sasikarn   She got married to half Japanese-Italian guy and has a baby boy. 3. Namfon Kullanat She got married to Jordan, an American business man for over 2 years. 4. Da Endrophine She is in a relationship with a […]

Thai Celebrity Nicknames That Come From The Animal Names

1. Nok Chatchai and Nok Sinjai This couples have a nickname Nok that means bird. 2. Kob Suvanant Her nickname Kob means frog. 3. Poo Praiya Her nickname Poo means crab. 4. Ma Ornapa Her nickname Ma means horse. 5. Noona Nuengtida Her nickname Noona means rice field rat. 6. Jakjaan Akhamsiri Her nickname Jakjaan […]

8 Thai Actresses Who Are So Pretty With Side View

8. Mew Nittha Seeing her from the side view, her nose is pretty and the face shape is perfect. 7. Pinky Savika Because her face shape is very pretty, Pinky Savika looks good both in profile and side view. 6. Poo Praiya From the side view, she looks more charming and attractive. 5. Vill Wannarot […]

Pae Arak, Vill Wannarot, and Poo Praiya Attend The Opening Ceremony For Their New Drama

Yesterday, ONE 31 channel had the opening ceremony of its new TV drama Bangkok Naruemit starring Pae Arak, Vill Wannarot and Poo Praiya. This is the first time for Poo to play TV drama with this channel after she decides not to renew her contract with Thai channel 7. Poo says that she likes the character Ma Lai Wan in […]

Poo Praiya To Play A New Drama For ONE 31 Channel

According to Daradaily, Poo Praiya to play as Malai Wan in a new TV drama Bangkok Naruemit with Pae Arak and Vill Wannarot produced by ONE 31 channel and directed by a hot director Sataporn Nakwilairoj. After her contract with Thai channel 7 has expired, she decided not to renew the contract with the channel and becomes a freelance actress. Ploy Chermarn was going […]

8 Thai Celebrities Completed Their Study Abroad

1. Poo Praiya She completed bachelor degree of law from Oxford Brooks University. 2. Lydia Sarunrat She completed bachelor degree from LSE (London School of Economics), England. 3. Cris Horwang She completed her study from Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Massachusetts, USA and California Institute of Art, LA, USA. Cris Horwang also completed her study from Royal Academy […]