6 Thai-Chinese Descent Celebrities

1. Mario Maurer He is half Thai-German. His mother is a Chinese descent. 2. Rita Sririta She is half Thai-Danish. Her mother is a Chinese descent. 3. Dome Pakorlam He is Thai-Singaporean-German. His mother is a Chinese descent. 4. James Jirayu His mother is a Chinese descent, so that’s why he has a white skin. […]

4 Thai Actresses Playing TV Dramas Instead of Other Actresses

1. Mew Nittha Because of Bella Ranee has to film TV drama Pee Kaew Nang Hong, Mew Nittha plays TV drama Duay Rang Athitarn with Tik Jesdapohn instead of her. 2. Jakjaan Akhamsiri Because Rita Sririta is busy and can’t play TV drama Tukta Phee, Jakjaan Akhamsiri has to play this character instead of her. 3. Mint Chalida Because Cheer Tikhampohn is busy, Mint Chalida has to […]