Weir Sukollawat and Stephany Euernig To Play Couples In A New TV Drama

According to Mod Pantip Instagram account, Weir Sukollawat to play couples with Stephany Euernig in a new TV drama Pu Bao Indy. This one is a comedy drama about people living in E-San of Thailand. This is the first time for both actor and actress to play couples. It hasn’t confirmed 100%, so please waiting for the […]

Louis Hesse d’Alzon To Play Couples With Stephany Auernig

According to Daradaily, Louis Hesse d’Alzon to play couples with Stephany Auernig in a new TV drama Nai Keun Nao….Saeng Dao Yung Aun produced by Por-Dee-Gum Production and directed by Noi Siam.  Many fans are so excited for this pairing because this is the second times for both of them to play couples. This drama will be filming in Chiang Khan District, northeastern […]

10 Thai Celebrities Who Can Speak 3+ Languages

1. Bo Thunyasupan She can speak 6 languages Thai, English, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. 2. Yaya Urassaya She can speak 5 languages Thai, Norwegian, English, Spanish and French. 3. Nickhun 2PM He can speak 5 languages Thai, English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. 4. Rita Sririta She can speak 3 languages Thai, English and Danish. 5. Mai Davika She […]