5 Thai Actors Who Are Single For A Long Time

1. Pope Thanawat He becomes a hot actor after playing in TV drama Buppae Sunniwas but he is still single. 2. Sunny Suwanmethanon He had a dating news with Aom Phiyada in the past. After that, he is forever single. 3. Great Warintorn He had a dating news with several actresses but Great always denies that news. 4. James […]

People Think That These 5 Thai Actors And Actresses Work Under These Channels But They’re Actually Freelance Celebrities

1. Kob Suvanant All people think that she works under Thai channel 7 but Kob Suvanant is actually a freelance actress. 2. Punpun Suttata Before she worked under GDH 559, she is a freelance actress now. 3. Pang Ornjira People think that she worked under ONE 31 channel but she is actually a freelance actress. […]

5 Thai Actors and Actresses Who Are Popular Playing Movies

1. Mario Maurer Before he played TV drama, Mario Maurer is a hot actor, who always appears in several movies. His first movie was Love of Siam. 2. Baifern Pimchanok She was well-known after playing a big hit movie First Love with Mario Maurer in 2010. 3. Cris Horwang She became a hot actress after playing a movie Bangkok Traffic […]

Wawa Nichari Talks About Her Dating News With Sunny Suwanmethanon

There is a dating news between Sunny Suwanmethanon and Wawa Nichari spreading around because they are closed. Recently, the actress admits that she knows the actor because of working together. They have also traveled to England with other friends for many days, so that’s why they look closed. She adds that they have a meal […]