Thai TV3 Dramas Next Program

1. Likit Ruk – The Crown Princess This drama is going to air on Monday and Tuesday after Kom Faek finishes airing. The drama stars Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya. 2. Nueng Dao Fah Diew This drama starring James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn. It will be aired on 25 April 2018 every Wednesday and Thursday after Buppae Sunniwas – Special Edition finishes airing. 3. Sanae Ruk […]

2 Thai Actresses Transformed To Songkran goddesses

Songkran Festival is coming on 13 April 2018. Two popular Thai actresses Taew Natapohn and Kimmy Kimberley have transformed to Songkran goddesses. As always, Taew looks so beautiful with Thai traditional clothes. This is the second times for Kimmy Kimberley to be Songkran goddess. Even she is half Thai-European, she looks so gorgeous with this Thai costume.  

Favorite Actors And Actresses of Thai TV3

1. Yaya Urassaya The channel always gives her big project TV dramas to play. 2. Nadech Kugimiya He is a top actor of the channel, so that’s why Thai TV3 looks after him so well. 3. Taew Natapohn She is so talented in acting, so that’s why the channel gives her several TV dramas to […]

5 Thai Actresses Who Are So Cute When They Were Students

5. Pancake Khemanit Pancake has chubby cheeks when she was young and looked so cute. 4. Baifern Pimchanok Baifern is so pretty since she was young. 3. Toey Jarinpohn Toey looked like a Chinese girl and so cute when she was a student. 4. Taew Natapohn Taew was beautiful and fresh when she was young. […]

10 Queens of Advertisements

10. Bella Ranee She has 15 advertisements from the past up to now. 9. Toey Jarinpohn She earns a lot of money from her 31 advertisements. 8. Taew Natapohn She has 43 advertisements. 7. Min Pechaya She is a hot actress of Thai channel 7 with 52 ads. 6. Kimmy Kimberley She has 66 ads. […]

8 Hottest Thai Actresses 2018

1. Aum Patchrapa She is the hottest actress of all time. Her popularity is still high even she is 40 years old this year. 2. Yaya Urassaya She is not popular only in Thailand but also well-known in America after working with international brands. 3. Bella Ranee She is so hot now after playing as Karaked in […]

Taew Natapohn Isn’t Serious Even Buppae Sunniwas Rating Is Higher Than Nakee

The last episode of Buppae Sunniwas got a higher rating than Nakee. Taew Natapohn says that she congratulates for this drama getting a high rating. She isn’t serious about it because there is always a competition between TV dramas airing on the same channel. Recently, Kao Supassara leaves a comment supporting Ton Arch to get married to her soon. He also says […]