3 Thai Star Couples On Songkran Festival

1. Korn Narongdej and Rita Sririta Rita and her boyfriend have traveled to Paris, France, for this holiday. 2. Alek Teeradetch and Toey Jarinpohn The actor and actress have traveled to Switzerland with their both families. 3. Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberley Both actor and actress have traveled to Phuket for this holiday.  

5 Thai Actresses Who Are So Cute When They Were Students

5. Pancake Khemanit Pancake has chubby cheeks when she was young and looked so cute. 4. Baifern Pimchanok Baifern is so pretty since she was young. 3. Toey Jarinpohn Toey looked like a Chinese girl and so cute when she was a student. 4. Taew Natapohn Taew was beautiful and fresh when she was young. […]

10 Queens of Advertisements

10. Bella Ranee She has 15 advertisements from the past up to now. 9. Toey Jarinpohn She earns a lot of money from her 31 advertisements. 8. Taew Natapohn She has 43 advertisements. 7. Min Pechaya She is a hot actress of Thai channel 7 with 52 ads. 6. Kimmy Kimberley She has 66 ads. […]

Fans of These 4 Thai Celebrities Request Their Boyfriends Or Girlfriends To Give Them Back

1. Weir Sukollawat Fans of him request Bella Ranee to give him back to them. 2. Toey Jarinpohn Some of her fans don’t want her to date Alek Teeradetch, that’s why they ask him to give her back. 3. Pattie Ungsumalynn Many men ask Dan Worrawech to give her back to them. This couples don’t say anything but they think that […]

3 Thai Celebrities Don’t Delete Their Couples Photos From Instagram Even They Have Broken Up

1. Woonsen Virithipa Even she got divorced from her ex-husband Shakrit, she still keeps their photos on her Instagram account. 2. Toey Jarinpohn Even she has broken up with Alex Rendell for a long time but she hasn’t deleted her photos with him from Instagram. 3. Arnuttaphol Sirichomsaeng They have broken up for almost 2 years but he […]

10 Thai Actresses Before And After

1. Mai Davika When she started working in Thai entertainment industry, she had a chubby face. Now she has a beautiful V-Shape face. 2. Pooklook Fonthip She is more beautiful compared to the past photo. 3. Yok Thunyakun She started working in Thai entertainment industry after joined the contest Miss Teen Thailand 2002. She is more pretty […]

9 Thai Actresses With Cute Look

1. Janie Thienphosuwan Even she is 36 years old but her face is still young and cute. 2. Bella Ranee Because of Buppae Sunniwas, Bella Ranee now becomes a very hot actress. 3. Aom Sushar She has a cute look that fit with romantic love TV series. 4. Esther Supreeleela Her face looks cute and fresh. 5. […]

7 Best Friends of Thai Celebrities

1. Weir Sukollawat and Ken Phupoom They’re closed because they have the same manager. They also likes doing exercise together and riding a big motorbike. 2. Toey Jarinpohn and Gypso Ramita They’re closed because of working and they also do a business together. 3. Bella Ranee and Mo Monchanok These actresses becomes closed friends because […]

4 Thai Actresses With Their Nicknames Given By Their Friends

1. Bella Ranee Her friends call her Kaek that means Indian. 2. Toey Jarinpohn Her friends call her Maeng because she has a big forehead. 3. Mai Davika Her friends call her Frung Kee Nok (Frung = European People) 4. Janie Thienphosuwan When she was young, her front teeth are big. Her friends call her Job.